Why does Bitszer own so many Units?

BitzerBattle image

Bitszer launched a test application in 2017. In that first application we used Bitcoins as the Auction House currency. We quickly discovered that it was difficult for people to create a Bitszer account and use the Auction House without first purchasing Bitcoins from an outside exchange. There was not enough Bitcoins inside the Bitszer environment to allow transactions to take place, and the value of Bitcoins made it so that each transaction was for 0.000001 bitcoin. This made the Auction House very cumbersome, and not fun to use.

Bitszer has been fully redesigned with a faster, more secure backend. We have also created a new cryptocurrency and started mining them from the very first block. This has given us the resources to give each user 100 Units when they create an account. This allows us to overcome the two problems that we had with our first test product; each user will have plenty of Units to use the Auction House in a meaningful way right from the start, and since we anticipate that each Unit will have a value close to $0.10, we can assume that the average transaction will happen in a range that is close to one Unit.

Since Bitszer makes money off of transactions taking place, and it is important that gamers have funds to make those transactions, we have come up with a way to continually add Units to peoples accounts. We anticipate rolling out that feature before the end of the year. It is due to these reasons that Bitszer has been mining and stock piling Units.