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The Developer's Dilemma

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Bitszer. The Solution.

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The big picture.

  1. All Units originate on the Blockchain and must be mined. No exceptions, not even for Bitszer.
  2. Like any cryptocurrency, Units are available to be bought and sold on various cryptoexchanges.
  3. Units obtained outside of the Bitszer environment can be used to credit a Bitszer account. Conversely, funds on a Bitszer account can be withdrawn when desired.
  4. Items earned in a Bitszer enabled game can be sold in the Auction House for Units. These Units are instantly available to buy items in any Bitszer powered game.

How can I earn Units?

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Meet The Founders

Bitszer was incorporated in 2015, and over the last 5 years has had the opportunity to work with some of the best contractors in their respective fields. Bitszer has worked with and developed relationships with Blockchain engineers, front end programmers, back end engineers, design teams, unity developers, and many more.

Chester Davison

Chester Davison


Chester is an investor, entrepreneur, and visionary. He developed an interest in investments and business early in his life and has refined his financial talent for over a last decade. In 2014, Chester bought Balance Fitness, an upscale fitness gym in Castle Rock, Colorado. In his first year owning the gym, Chester increased Balance Fitness’ gross revenue by 50%. In 2020, Chester sold the gym to fully devote his efforts to Bitszer. Chester has a degree in Chemical Engineering from BYU and is working toward a Master’s in Computer Science also from BYU.

Logan Nielsen

Logan Nielsen

Chief Financial Officer

Logan is an econometrician with a special interest in financial theory. He earned a degree in Economics with minors in Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science from BYU. Logan is working towards a master’s in Computer Science from BYU where he is emphasizing in machine learning and computation finance. Logan has done work for the government, improved financial security for a Fortune 500 company and is working toward publication in top academic financial journals. Logan is advancing how we think of finance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Units are not needed to play Bitszer games! You can become a proud owner of Units by playing Bitszer games and selling items to other gamers.
The prices are based on supply and demand. Look at what other people are selling the same item for and price yours competitively.
Bitszer takes a 5% cut from each transaction carried out on the auction house. These funds are spit 50-50 with the game developers.
Using the Bitszer portal, you can transfer your Units to your preferred wallet provider. Then use the funds to make real world purchases or deposit in your bank account.
Units are not taxed until you convert them to a fiat currency, so using the Bitszer platform does not have tax liabilities. Tax regulation is constantly changing, and you should always consult with your accountant.
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