Bitszer for Gamers

Bitszer allows you to buy and sell digital game items with other gamers using Bitcoin as currency. Get the most out of your game time by selling game items you don’t need, and best of all, you can use bitcoin generated on Bitszer games to make purchases in the real world.

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Bitszer for Developers

Standout from the sea of other games developers, generate extra revenue and gamer loyalty by using Bitszer. The Bitszer SDK is free, customizable, and easy to use. Let Bitszer handle all the tedious server maintenance, leaving you free to focus on making your games.

Download SDK here

Meet The Team

Bitszer was incorporated in 2015, and over the last 2 years has had the opportunity to work with some of the best contractors in their respective fields. Bitszer has worked with and developed relationships with Blockchain engineers, front end programmers, back end engineers, design teams, unity developers, and many more.

Chester Davison

Chester Davison


Chester developed an interest in investments early on in his life and has refined his financial talents over the last decade. Chester is the owner of Balance Fitness, an upscale fitness gym in Castle Rock, Colorado. Since purchasing the gym in 2014 he was able to increase Balance Fitness’ gross revenues by 50% in the first year. He is currently studying chemical engineering at BYU.

John Petersson

John Petersson

Strategic Advisor

25 years’ experience leading high-growth fintech companies in North America and Europe. Designed & built payment systems for Citi & Fortune 100 companies

Future Development

Bitszer is always improving on its software for game developers. We are creating new and exciting auction house features and themes to cut down on development time. We are also working to add in-app purchases to games so gamers can buy developer assets using their Bitszer account.

The Bitszer platform allows us to be creative in ways never before possible. Stay tuned as we change both the bitcoin and gaming worlds.

Frequently Asked Questions

You do not need to own Bitcoins to use Bitszer. Become a proud owner of Bitcoins by selling something on the in game auction house.
The prices are based on supply and demand. You can see what other people are selling the same item for and price yours competitively.
Bitszer takes a 5% cut from each transaction carried out on the auction house. These funds are spit 50/50 with the game developers.
Using the Bitszer portal, you can transfer your bitcoin to one of many wallet providers such as Coinbase, Circle, or Xapo. Then use the funds to make real world purchases or deposit in your bank account.
Bitcoins are not taxed until you convert them to a fiat currency, so using the Bitszer platform does not have tax liabilities. Tax regulation is constantly changing, and you should always consult with your accountant.
Download Bitszer's SDK and follow the README instructions. If you have technical questions about integration, contact our amazing support team at